Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Begining

Cruise to Alaska 2005

This was our boat that we went on, it was HUGE!

Alaska was beautiful, but very cold. This is in front of the some glaciers.

We got off the ship in Canada, it was awesome. The people were very friendly and I loved their accents.

This is us eating dinner, the food was incredible! You have to dress up when you go to the dining rooms so it was very fun.

My sister Angela and her family

Kadence, David (brother-in-law), & Angela

This is my little neice Kadence. She is the only neice so far, you can only imagine how spoiled she is by everyone! Her mom is having another little girl that is due on Christmas eve so we will have another one to love and spoil.

She loves getting into my moms scrapbooking stuff!