Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Worlds worst blogger, I know!

So sorry to everyone who has had to bug me for months to update, sometimes I just feel like since I don't have kids that my life isn't worth blogging about.

Well I will give you a run through of the last couple of months at the Arnett house!

December, had a really good Christmas and hung out with some friends on New Years eve and had a blast! Went to the doctor to try and get this baby situation figured out and haven't had a chance since to get my blood work done, we have been short handed and crazy at work lately since the market took a plunge! I had to let go of several employees which of course caused my stress levels to go through the roof! It is no fun having to tell someone with a family that they have to go!

January, had my birthday, got to see one of my good friends sweet little baby girl who was down visiting, hung out with some friends for dinner and a movie, then I was really sick for a week or so and that about wraps it up.

February, today is our fourth anniversary!! YEAH! Unfortunately I am sitting here blogging while my husband is at school ( I am really proud of him, he is working full time and taking five classes so I can't complain too much). We are going out of town for four days so I promise to try and take pictures and update in a reasonable amount of time!!!