Sunday, February 14, 2010

Random Pictures

One thing about Jeff is that he never stops making me laugh, even when I want to be mad I can't because he is always joking around and I love that about him.

My two boys asleep on the couch. Rusty likes to sneak up when Jeff falls asleep, most of the time it was with me but now we don't let him on the couch because he is getting way too big and we don't want him to ruin the leather.

He woke up and caught me taking pictures of them, lol. He hates pictures, it is like pulling teeth to get any of him. The other night at our ward party they had everyone get pictures as couples like high school dance photos and that was so funny, he tried to bail out of line but he couldn't escape from me. haha

Can you believe how long my hair is getting? I am really starting to like it now that it is getting longer and not to mention my hubby loves it.


Ty and Marla Stevens said...

Candice you look really good! I want to see Dear John so if you want to go again then I am up for it anytime!

The Browns said...

Yes we are so in!! I have vball games on Fridays from 7-9- but don't change for us if u already had it planned :-) That will be fun though and if it doesn't work out this time lets do it sometime soon!

Hiatt Family said...

Your hair is cute Candice! Glad you guys are doing well. It sounds like you've got some fun things planned!!!

Chelsey Howard said...

Yeah, a post:) Your hair does look so pretty. I'm growing mine out too, and its hard some days I just wanna chop it off.
I don't know of any guy that likes pictures or that will take them without giving grief?! I'm glad you had a fun b-day:) And that's awesome that you are workin for yourself. The best thing about that is that you can make your own scheduele.

Jamie and David Nielson said...

Hurray for a new posts!! i love reading them!! keep them coming!!!